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8879 changes?

A serious detail point

addressing into char content with xml-link

Another pseudo-element gotcha

Another XML article

April Fools RANT about Catalogs

Comments on 31 March spec

Comments on xpointers

Couple of XML workshops in Australia

draft proposal for catalog resolution

Encoding PIs recap. (Re: Comments on 31 March spec)

ERB call on addressing

ERB decision on comment delimiters

ERB decision on public identifiers

ERB decision on underscores in names

Error handling in XML

Error handling: yes, I did mean it

Feature adjustment

Gone and Past (by one who knows)

issues for XML-LINK implementation

Linking to styles with PICS?

Linking to stylesheets in XML

Netscape XML story

New discussions

New links spec

New work item for XML group ? (Re: Comments on 31 March spec)

News from the ERB

Notation System IDs

Priorities in XML

Prod. 46 and empty content of pEntities refered to

PS, RTF versions of WD-xml-lang-970331

Public Identifiers, and CATALOGS

public/catalog [was: Re: ERB Decisions of March 26th]

Query fallback critical

Request to relax PCDATA content model restriction

SGML/XML'97 Lives!!!

So much for my narrowing web search ("XML AND "Meta-language")

Spans, and an RFI

STEP/XML Presentation to WWW6 Workshop

Sudden Death (Re: Error handling: yes, I did mean it)

Sudden death: request for missing input

tei xptr WR checker?

Text of PC Week article

Text of XML article

The furore over PUBLIC

Two more points for cleanup in existing draft

URN trial (forward)

various issues

wchar_t & Unicode in Word 97(Re: New work item for XML group ?)

WD-xml-lang-970331 available

WEBster mentions XML


XML article in PC Week


xmllink-970406 various

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