ERB decision on comment delimiters

By mail vote and in conference 1997.04.02, the SGML ERB decided the
following question:

Should we (a) change the draft TC to ask for a SIMPLE COMMENT flag, for
the SGML declaration, which would have the effect of suppressing
recognition of the com delimiter within comment declarations (so the
second com delimiter is recognized only in the context com, mdc), and
simultaneously (b) change XML comment delimiters back to '<!--' and

   Yes: Bray, Bosak, DeRose, Paoli

   No: Maler, Hollander, Sharpe, Sperberg-McQueen, Clark, Magliery,

Second proposal (considered only IF THE PRECEDING FAILS):

Should we change the XML comment delimiters back to '<!--' and '-->'
and forbid '--' within XML comments?

   Yes: Maler, Hollander, Sharpe, Bray, Bosak, Clark, Magliery, Paoli,

   No: Sperberg-McQueen

[Editorial note: In other words, the ERB feels that the SGML
prohibition against "--" in comments is better than the alternatives
currently available to us.]

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 1997 14:32:53 UTC