Re: Comments on 31 March spec

Terry Allen writes:
>The surrogate extension mechanism, in which two 16-bit
>codes are paired to represent characters (or whatnot)
>will be required as soon as the 10646 people specify
>whatnots beyond the BMP.  According to what I read on
>the Unicode list (though I may have fallen off it), this
>is going to happen soonish, when some tens of thousands
>of Chinese characters are specified.  This pairing
>mechanism is really ISO-2022 in disguise, to my mind;
>might as well go with 10646 instead.

JIS started to design two new character code standards.  Although 
these will be used together with JIS X 0208, some of the charaters in these
new standards are more important than some of the JIS X 0208 characters, 
said Prof. Shibano.  In three years or so, JIS will propose to ISO these new standards as part of ISO 10646.  The BMP are not likely to include them.

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