Re: Error handling in XML

At 15:06 19/04/97 +0100, Sean wrote:
>A partial
>document is *not* a useless thing. One of the cool things about XML as a
>format is that some of the content can be recovered even in the face of

But the whole point of Tim's suggestion is that the user _wouldn't_ get
a recoverable portion after the first error.

>As I said in a previous post, I can think of a number of useful apps that
>can work sensibly
>with broken XML. I think the problem with M and N is that there is no way to
>say "warnings = high"
>and get told about WF problems.

That's one problem. The other is that failing to utilize the facilities
available leads to atrophy. We've already seen the direction things have
taken which could have been rather different if HTML had been implemented
in full (see what I said at SGML'95). If we have a wonderful XML Spec 
which no browser implements all that much of, it ain't gonna fly.


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