Re: XML and STEP

[Daniel Rivers-Moore:]

| The question has been formally put to the XML working group as to
| whether XML will deliver sufficient functionality, and sufficient
| rigour, to meet the needs of STEP. If XML is able to rise to this
| challenge, then STEP-SGML harmonisation could in practice become
| STEP-XML harmonisation, and the Web technology, through appropriate
| Intranets, could be used to exchange data between STEP databases. If
| (as some believe) XML, given its choice of simplicity of
| implementation over full power, will be incapable of meeting the needs
| of STEP, then full SGML and HyTime are likely to be involved in any
| STEP-SGML harmonisation.

I don't think that the burden of proof falls on this group to prove
that XML can meet the needs of STEP.  I think that it's up to those
who believe that XML is incapable of meeting those needs to tell us
where it falls short.


Received on Monday, 28 April 1997 12:35:07 UTC