Re: Feature adjustment

>  Add sections 6.1-6.17 (draft forthcoming) enabling the use of the
>  CONCUR feature in XML.

We have already implemented this, but are having some difficulties with
the use of SHORTREF in the presence of OMITTAG when an entity of declared
type STARTTAG is introduced as a result of DATATAG processing with more
than one active LINK set as defined by the current LINK PROCESS DEFINITION.

Please could you clarify the treatment of RS and RE mapping under this
circumstance if the element so referred to is implied by OMITTAG
processing but is not in the EXPLICIT declaration?  What if an Empty
Start-Tag was given? The SGML handbook says "the precise definition of
what an empty start-tag repeats is technical", so maybe we need a more
detailed version of the handbook, especially for XML?

I will start work on this at once.



Received on Tuesday, 1 April 1997 13:31:07 UTC