Re: Linking to stylesheets in XML

Alex (and anyone else),

> I'll give you another requirement:
> 7. Legal print documents.  I must be able to deliver semantics for a XML 
> document that allows a user to hit "print" and they will get a legal *print* 
> document.  I have many clients who absolutely need this.  
> We cannot ignore the legal/compliance industries (banking, insurance, etc.).
> They have laws which they much comply with that aren't going to change anytime
> soon here in the U.S. (or anywhere else?).  ...and they are silly laws.
> Things like:  Well, the last page must have a 2 inch bottom margin if
> you are printing in Indiana.  In Oklahoma, the "data" of the document must
> be in bold and at least 12pt type.  All kinds of state recorders have strange
> requirements.
> ...don't even ask about financial printing!!!

I've heard this often, so I don't doubt its veracity.  Does anyone
know of anywhere with legal requirements for document _display_, or
are these only for print.

Matthew Fuchs

Received on Monday, 21 April 1997 13:17:52 UTC