Re: Spans, and an RFI

[Debbie Lapeyre:]

| Yes!  Even when I am horrified (well... disappointed), I am VERY 
| impressed by speed, consistency, and quality of decisions.
|  > 
| > This is due to the determinate conflict resolution procedures built
| > into our current process.  On June 30 that process will be replaced by
| > the rules that have governed other W3C working groups since they were
| > put into place last December.
| Can you provide a pointer to a statement of the new rules?  

They're in the "member area" of the W3C site, which means that they're
not visible to those who haven't paid to become W3C members.  I would
mail you a copy, but as chairman of a W3C committee, I guess that
would be bad form.  Maybe someone else can mail you a copy.

| What impact is this likely to have?  (Bluntly asked, does this mean
| "get your comments in by June as we are about to go all-over
| bureaucratic"?)

I'm hopeful that we can keep that from happening, but it's possible.


Received on Tuesday, 8 April 1997 15:08:29 UTC