Re: Comments on 31 March spec

At 2:18 PM 4/3/97, Martin Bryan wrote:

>In Appendix A:
>>   -- 305 and 383 should be 73 and 83 respectively,
>>                  but SGML does not allow a letter to be assigned
>>                  to UCNMSTRT --
>the statement is incorrect: what SGML does is predefine A-Z as part of
>UCNMSTRT and does not allow them to be redeclared (or removed) from the set.

No, the statement is correct.  What SGML does is predefine A-Z as part of
"name start character".  UCNMSTRT consists only of those additional name start
characters added by a concrete syntax specification.

[53] name start character = LCLetter | UCLetter | LCNMSTRT I UCNMSTRT

Dave Peterson

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