Re: Sudden death: request for missing input

At 7:44 AM 4/30/97, Todd Freter wrote:

>XML's ease of implementation and ease of use for hand-coders should be a
>significant plank in any positioning and marketing of XML. Certainly XML's
>ease of use should be more fundamental than "the customer is always right."

"Ease of use" or "ease of implementation"?  "The customer" usually wants
what he considers "easy to use", whether it's a good idea or not.

When you argue for "ease of use" of XML, remember that the document creator
as well as the document reader is a "user" of XML.  OMITTAG (which is
essentially an error-recovery mechanism embodied in SGML to the point
where if you can use it to recover, the trigger is not considered an
error after all) was, I believe, introduced for "ease of use for hand-coders".
Are you asking for something like that?  It sounds like you're arguing the
other way.  Which may be a good idea, but the user might argue that it's
not making XML easier to use.

Dave Peterson

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