Re: Linking to stylesheets in XML

At 02:41 PM 24/04/97 GMT, Christopher R. Maden wrote:

Sign me up mostly in support of Chris' suggestion, excerpted below.  I'm 
not sure I'm ready to sign up for the use of "Behavior" to hold
the type of stylesheet; I'd rather have locator role like "XML-CSS1" 
and "XML-DSSL-O" - this also allows us to constrain the choice of available 
stylesheet lingos (initially to the two given above), and achieve greater 
interoperability. - Tim

Chris wrote: 
>Given the 6 April XML-link draft, I'd recommend something like the
><!ELEMENT styles (target, style+)>
><!ATTLIST styles
>          xml-link CDATA #FIXED    "EXTENDED"
>          role     CDATA #FIXED    "XML-STYLES" ...
><!ATTLIST target
>          xml-link CDATA #FIXED    "LOCATOR"
>          role     CDATA #FIXED    "XML-ELEMENT" ...
><!ATTLIST style
>          xml-link CDATA #FIXED    "LOCATOR"
>          role     CDATA #FIXED    "XML-STYLE"

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