Re: Another pseudo-element gotcha

[Peter Flynn:]

| >Anyone who uses tree-walking-by-number-alone to point to stuff on the
| >Web has rocks in their head.  It may be possible occasionally, to
| >count typed nodes (e.g. the fourth chapter), but just counting nodes,
| >or levels in the tree, is guaranteed, I repeat guaranteed, to fail,
| >in a high proportion of cases. 
| Emperor's new clothes. I always wondered how it was supposed to work
| when so many documents are either dynamically constructed, or in a
| constant state of revision.

It works beautifully with documents that are read-only.  Not all the
documents that will be on the Web are as evanescent as the ones that
dominate right now.  Terry Allen has pointed to religious works; how
about, say, the Statutes of the Realm?


Received on Monday, 14 April 1997 18:55:46 UTC