Re: Spans, and an RFI

| I discovered with pleasure that a new version of XML-LINK has been
| mounted - I hope it's OK to discuss it, even tho' not announced?  And
| I assume that this is the version that's being printed up for the W3C.
| I think it looks good and any comments below are minor criticisms.

If you mean the version on the W3C site, it's just a placeholder.
When you see a version dated 970406, you will be looking at the one
that will be released at the WWW6 conference.  That version will be
visible to you on the textuality site tomorrow morning, though it may
take a couple of days to get up on the W3C site.  I will have
PostScript and RTF versions up on by tomorrow morning
as well.  There will be announcements on this list as soon as the
various formats are available.  It will probably be most productive to
hold comments until the new version comes out; there have been a *lot*
of changes in the past few days.  Bear in mind that the draft you will
be seeing is for discussion, not for implementation yet.

| [As a RL outsider, I'd like to congratulate the ERB on the work that 
| they have put in and the speed and harmony with which the drafts have 
| been created.  By comparison the chemical community has spent 10 years
| discussing the name of element 104 without resolution.]

This is due to the determinate conflict resolution procedures built
into our current process.  On June 30 that process will be replaced by
the rules that have governed other W3C working groups since they were
put into place last December.


Received on Sunday, 6 April 1997 14:02:38 UTC