Re: A serious detail point

At 11:48 AM 4/18/97 +0100, Martin Bryan wrote:
> There is a good case that can
>be made for allowing some form of reusable location source identifier which
>is shorter than the full address in any addressing scheme. 

We have them.  They're called "entities".

>Incidentally I have just had to recommend dropping the use of XML from a
>project simply because I could not manage multiple references to a single
>document efficiently. Without the concept of allowing references to a single
>document to point to the current address of the file via a short-name, and
>without having to update every reference each time the file is moved, it
>makes no sense to try to manage link sets using XML.

Excuse me once again, I am not understanding why a simple string
entity can't take care of this.

>The problem is that XML has no concept of BOS

This is not true.  See section XML-link section 6, 
"Extended Link Groups". -T.

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