New discussions

In the wake of our rollout at the WWW6 conference (which went very
well, thank you), the ERB has been trying to sort out the items that
we really need to deal with next from various requests for enhancement
that we've been receiving since the effort started to attract notice
from the world outside the SGML community.

Two issues that clearly need to be addressed sooner rather than later
are error handling by user agents (which will probably end up in the
conformance section of xml-lang) and linking to stylesheets (which
could be considered part of xml-lang or xml-link depending on how we
want to play it, but more likely xml-link).  Tim Bray is preparing a
message to this group to start a discussion about error handling, and
I am preparing one to start a similar discussion about linking to
stylesheets.  Stay tuned.


Received on Friday, 18 April 1997 23:23:35 UTC