Re: Sudden death: request for missing input

> At the risk of being simplistic here are my views (as a small fry 
> implementor)
> Q1: Must an XML parser report the first error it encounters?
> Yes.
> Q2: Must an XML parser stop providing data after an error?
> No.

Q2a: Is it important to have interoperability defined for documents
	that have errors?

Q2b: If so, how do we prevent implementation/market-share wars 
	over emulating error behavior such that XML will not effectively 
	become rewritten by the leading implementations?

A2a: the argument seems to be, don't worry. Since most if not all XML
	documents will be machine generated they will all be well formed.
	I don't buy it! Programmers are human to and make as many errors
	as prose authors.

A2b: ???

Dave Hollander

Received on Monday, 28 April 1997 18:15:35 UTC