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Michael re Gavin:
| >Right, and this is the core of my disagreement with using queries.
| >We either standardise something, or nothing will be gauranteed to
| >work, in which case, it's probably better to stay silent for the
| >moment.
| This appears to be an argument which proves that queries IN GENERAL
| cannot possibly be useful -- nothing specific to XML here.  Since
| queries do in practice seem to be found useful, despite the fact that
| they only work on servers on which they work, I don't see any reason
| not to describe how they can be used in XML.  The same problems
| surely arise if you build the query into the path segment of the
| URL:  it will work only on servers on which it works.
| What am I missing?

Nothing, you said it with "nothing specific to XML here".  You want
(reasonably) a facility that URLs don't provide yet, to wit,
fallback to fragment-ID behavior if the query isn't understood.
Or you want to instantiate a (one among many) standardized query 
language in URLs at least to the extent of being able to declare
what it is.

The solution is to ask for it of those responsible for URLs and 
perhaps HTTP.

Regards, Terry

Received on Wednesday, 9 April 1997 10:31:35 UTC