Re: New work item for XML group ? (Re: Comments on 31 March spec)

Sorry for this late reply.

Rick Jelliffe writes:
>You mentioned that JIS may be proposing these extra characters to
>ISO 10646 in three years or so; which could translate to four years
>or so after discussion and voting.  That seems a good timeframe for
>XML 2.0, but I think XML 1.0 should limit itself to providing well for
>present needs, using present art.  

>What is the timeframe for the JIS extensions to be added to shift-JIS
>or EUC and be supported by OS vendors and applications, do you know?  
>If the JIS extensions will be definitely be in use in 1997 or 1998, 
>then certainly it is a matter for XML 1.0.  

JIS plans to finish the development of the additional character sets 
in 1998, but I don't think these sets will be incorporated into ISO10646 within 1998.  However, JIS characters sets are not the only thing in the 
Unicode agenda.  I heard that non-BMP characters will be introduced
this year.

I agree that XML 1.0 should limit itself to ISO 10646 + AM5.  Whenever 
Unicode and ISO10646 are synchronously revised, we should probably 
revise XML as well (XML 1.0.1, 1.0.2, ....).

>And I guess this comes down 
>to "What has Microsoft said?"

JIS plans to distribute fonts for the two characters sets.  One of the 
two can be easily used within the SJIS framework.  So, there is a good 
possibility that the character set will be widely used on top of Windows machines.

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