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[minutes] WebRTC WG Virtual Interim 11 January 2018

[webrtc-pc] "a=msid" line should contain sender/receiver IDs, not track IDs

[webrtc-pc] "track" event will fire extra times if applying multiple remote offers

[webrtc-pc] Add direction change as reason for "mute" event

[webrtc-pc] canTrickleIceCandidiates question

[webrtc-pc] Clarify that "disconnected" is transient.

[webrtc-pc] Codify refusing to generate an empty Offer

[webrtc-pc] Direction is not readonly

[webrtc-pc] Do not consider direction at "need negotiation" evaluation for replaceTrack

[webrtc-pc] Editorial: PendingRemoteDescription is set by....

[webrtc-pc] enqueue an operation: is executing async?

[webrtc-pc] Example 14 never sends any media

[webrtc-pc] example 14: render before verifying the remote fingerprint?

[webrtc-pc] Integrate CSP access control into algorithms

[webrtc-pc] Multiple SRDs may leave streams and tracks in unexpected state.

[webrtc-pc] Need <section> around dictionaries under RTCRtpSender

[webrtc-pc] Need <section> around RTCIceTransport dictionaries

[webrtc-pc] Possibly racy replaceTrack()

[webrtc-pc] Private key access?

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Add "statslifetimeended" event

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: addTrack cannot reuse a sender whose transceiver is stopped

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Clarify that "disconnected" is transient (editorial)

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Convert audioLevel to double.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Defer SRD add/remove tracks until right before firing track events.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Define pc.getTransceivers()) et al to be in insertion order.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Gating 'unmute' events on track with transceiver direction.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Make audioLevel and voiceActivityFlag optional and non-nullable.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Maximum message size slightly incorrect

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Move operations queue definition paragraph to right section (editorial)

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Need <section> around dictionaries under RTCRtpSender

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Passing receiver when constructing track event in 'Processing Remote …

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Pending remote updated by setRemote.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Properly defined direction when creating transceiver.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Remove reference from RTPSender to RTCPeerConnection

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: replaceTrack "negotiation needed" clarification

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: replaceTrack: Never negotiate when replacing an ended track?

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: RTCRtpSender: Specify advise about framerate for disabled/muted tracks

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Underlying data transport explanation

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Upgrade to respec

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Validation of reordered readonly parameters in setParameters

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Whether KeyingMaterial internal slot can be stored and retrieved

[webrtc-pc] Respec issue: Locked to too old version?

[webrtc-pc] RTCRtpContributingSource.audioLevel has different type and range than similar fields in webrtc-stats

[webrtc-pc] Should we require a reference from RTPSender to RTCPeerConnection?

[webrtc-pc] Sort out unmute and BYE

[webrtc-stats] Add fecPacketsSent/Received

[webrtc-stats] averageRTCPInterval should be averageRtcpInterval

[webrtc-stats] Cleanup: reformat the sections

[webrtc-stats] CodecType "encode" / "decude" needs to default to "both"

[webrtc-stats] Define timestamps in terms of performance.origin

[webrtc-stats] Deleting framesCorrupted

[webrtc-stats] Enable continuous publication

[webrtc-stats] Lifetime of RTPStreamStats

[webrtc-stats] Missing definition of "deleted". When exactly do stats get deleted?

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Adds per-DSCP packet counters to RTP streams

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Define object lifetimes and mention end-of-life emission

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: FEC sent and received metrics

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: fix camel case averageRtcpInterval and also put in RTCInboundRTPStreamStats

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: fix for timestamp for remote and local objects

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Fixes #161

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Introduction to RTP stream statistics

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: moved packetsDuplicated to the right dictionary

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: tidy checks, missed in latest PRs.

[webrtc-stats] Rename "objectDeleted" to something else.

[webrtc-stats] Rename RTCRTPStreamStats to RTCRtpStreamStats?

[webrtc-stats] Rename sender/receiver/track stats

[webrtc-stats] RTCCodecStats in getStats() is redundant.

[webrtc-stats] RTCRTPStreamStats should have senderId/receiverId

[webrtc-stats] Stats need to mark up which members are required

[webrtc-stats] terminology: rename mediaType to kind

[webrtc-stats] Typo - RTCLocalAudioStreamTrackStats should inherit from RTCAudioSenderStats

[webrtc-stats] video packet counters should be moved out from RTCRTPStreamStats to appropriate dictionaries

[webrtc-stats] When are "fractionLost", "packetsLost, " "jitter", and other RFC3550-based stats updated?

[webrtc-stats] WiFi Stats.

[webrtc-stats] Work through implications of simulcast on the receiver side

Alternatives to GetDeletedStats()

Ban ICE-LITE? Re: webRTC and Content Security Policy connect-src

Ban ICE-LITE? webRTC and Content Security Policy connect-src

Date and time for February WebRTC VI

Doodle for February 2018 VI

Doodle for February 2018 VI - reminder

For discussion at the January 11 virtual interim: WebRTC-Quic and WebRTC-ICE drafts

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ML in WebApps

need more developer feedback

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QUIC and WebRTC Comments

QUIC use cases

REMINDER: WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim, January 11, 2018 at 16:00 UTC

RTCIceTransport Test

Streams API (WHATWG document)

Towards a new charter for the WebRTC Working Group

webRTC and Content Security Policy connect-src

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What would you like to see in WebRTC next? A low-level API?

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