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[comments] Selectors-API

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Access Control for Cross-site Requests WD Published

DOM event phases and the XML Events module

DOM3 Events Telcon Agenda, 27 Feb 2008 (Tomorrow!)

DOM3 Events Telcon Minutes, 27 Feb 2008

ElementTraversal comments

Exceptions thrown by XMLHttpRequest.responseXML and XMLHttpRequest.responseText

Extra Connection Support Proposal

Fwd: Re: [css3-namespaces] upcoming last call for the CSS3 Namespaces Module

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multipart, server-sent events, and

My Action Item

Pipelining Control Proposal

Progress events progress...

Regarding my ACTION-249 for DOM L3 Events

Requirements... Re: Progress events progress...

Security-sensitive headers

Selectors API comments: section 1.1

Selectors API comments: section 1.2.1

Setting EntityReference.nodeValue and EntityReference.prefix

several messages about <event-source> and related subjects

SVG copy and paste between applications?

Telecon today

XHR Draft Compliance Test Cases

XHR test cases vs HTTP methods

XHR test

XHR tests

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