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Hello Carmelo,

Please see attached what a similar test would be in svg. This is for
illustration purposes only because the dblclick event is not supported
in the current SVGT 1.2 specification.

Take care,

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> All:
> At our telecon two weeks ago I had an action item to write a test to
> evaluate a double click event.  Attached is a simple test to do that.
> Please comment.  I am developing a scheme to defines tests in terms of
> XML infosets that can either be transformed using XSLT or feed into a
> local tool we have that generate tests based on XML definitions.  One
> missing thing from my test is the ability to collect results, which at
> some point I will need to add.
> By the way do we have a telecon today?
> Thanks,
> Carmelo Montanez, NIST

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