Re: DOM3 Events Telcon Minutes, 27 Feb 2008

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 22:06:07 +0100, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>     <shepazu> Resolution: remove multimousewheel, put additional
>     dimensional delta values on mousewheel

The reason we needed a new event is that mousewheel is not dispatched for  
anything but vertical scrolling and that authors are expecting it to be  
dispatched for vertical scrolling only.

So then we figured we needed mousewheelx. But since you sometimes want to  
know about both directions a new event was thought of that was dispatched  
prior to those events, multimousewheel that would contain delta  
information for both directions.

So unless there's evidence that all this is not needed I disagree with  
reverting the decision on how to deal with mousewheel events.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 27 February 2008 21:44:34 UTC