[selectors-api] Clarification about ElementSelector.querySelectorAll's scope

>From reading the spec, it wasn't immediately clear to me which of the
following two cases applies to element.querySelectorAll (and similarly
to element.querySelector):


1.	The nodes returned are the nodes that match
document.querySelectorAll AND are contained within the subtree rooted at
the element.
2.	The nodes returned are the nodes that match the group of
selectors if the selection algorithm is run only on the subtree rooted
at the element.


Put as an example (which is probably clearer), with the following




  <div id="foo">

y a'));">test</a>





If case (1) applies, then the querySelector should match the anchor tag
and the dialog should show [object HTMLAnchorElement]. If case (2)
applies, then since there is no "body" tag within the <div id="foo">,
nothing will match and the alert dialog will show null. None of the
browser versions I currently have installed support querySelector yet,
so I couldn't check against their implementations.


Any clarification would be appreciated.



Kartikaya Gupta

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Received on Tuesday, 19 February 2008 14:58:38 UTC