Re: XHR tests

Hallvord R. M. Steen wrote:
> Pardon, perhaps because I have not done much spec development I don't understand
> the logic of that statement.
> Since RFC 2616 says header names are case insensitive, it follows that
> 'X-Custom-Header' and 'x-custom-header' are both valid by RFC 2616, and both
> are the same header. So how would we contradict 2616 by telling implementors
> not to change the case of script authors' input?

The XHR implementation may sit on top of an HTTP stack that normalizes 
header names, for instance to camelCase.

> What would contradict 2616 is to send different headers where names only differ
> in case, as in such a request:
> GET /
> X-Custom-Header: foo
> X-custom-header: bar

Actually, that wouldn't contradict HTTP because it allows headers to recur.

> and my suggested spec change takes this into account by making name comparisons
> more explicitly case-insensitive.

It may make it harder to implement on certain platforms, for no apparent 

The server needs to check the header names case-insensitively anyway, so 
what difference does it make?

> ...

BR, Julian

Received on Tuesday, 12 February 2008 20:24:59 UTC