Re: multipart, server-sent events, and

I am sending out my proposals for the XHR enhancements which include the 
extra connection proposal, pipelining control proposal, and multipart 
support proposal. They are in individual emails so they can each be 
discussed on their own merits (sorry for the extra emails). These are 
roughly in order of priority (actually I believe pipelining control is the 
most important, but Alex thinks that extra connection support is most 
important, so I will defer to him), but I believe both extra connection and 
pipelining control are very important. The multipart support proposal is 
more of a nice to have, it is more complicated and has somewhat less value.
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> On Feb 19, 2008 12:20 AM, Mark Baker <> wrote:
>> Well, I'd like to see some hard evidence of this before we write it off.
> I'd like to see Maciej go first. ;)
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