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> That is correct. Thanks Hallvord!

right. As part of the process of checking the test suite and approving it  
through the workig grou, we will need o make it so people can use it  
locally - including explaining server-side magic, associated files, etc.

cheers (and thans Hallvord for your own work on this, which has been  
invisible for the most part but important and appreciated)


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>>>  Would it be possible once the tests are relatively stable to package
>>> them (including reference files) and send us a copy?
>>  We will have them on the Web - you have to fetch your own copy
> That's a quite legitimate question because there are some server-side
> scripts there. I assume this was what Sunava meant by talking about
> inaccessible resource files earlier (to the best of my knowledge none of
> the tests rely on hard-coded URLs to Opera's intranet or nonsense like
> that!).
> It's not possible to access the SVN repository for those tests
> anonymously, is it?
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