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[Reminder and Rough Agenda] Next SWICG call - Fri Jul 21, 2023

Any plans for ActivityPub discussion during TPAC 2023?

Breakout room at TPAC

Issue Triage Moved to Different Time this Week

Issue triage moved to Friday

Issue Triage Today

July 2023 SWICG call - Fri Jul 21, 9am EST / 6am PST / 6pm CET [via Social Web Incubator Community Group]

Meta Unspools Threads

Migration <> Key-based Interop (formerly a propos of the weekly issue triage update)

Next SWICG call scheduling

Point of order: Bumblefudge - Defamatory Statements and Unfounded Accusation of Slander

Special Topic Call - ActivityPub Interop Test Suite [via Social Web Incubator Community Group]

Special Topic Call - Social Web and CSAM: Liabilities and Tooling

Welcome to new SWICG co-chair, James Gallagher!


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