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> On Thu, 06 Jul 2023 23:25:26 +0000
> Jacky Alcine <> wrote:
> > I know people won't see it as such but we definitely lost the younger
> generation with this.  Those down might already be techies but this was
> more successful of convincing my youngest brother (22) to join a
> potentially federated space than four of the popular fediverse projects.
> Indeed candy is more popular with the young then whole grain. But the
> whole grain business has to go on anyway or there may be no candy as well.
> I'm so sick of billionaires and their hype and hate machines. We don't
> have to bother with these things we have no influence on.
> > We need more designers and UX experts; less developers and yak shaving.
> We have to offer the participants personal agency. This is the one thing
> the business model of the corpo web can't and a real benefit.

The federated model does lend more personal agency, than a central silo,
tho it's worth noting that one is still subject to the instance operator's
decisions.  The caveat being that account migration is possible, tho
perhaps slightly under specified at this point.

With Threads surpassing 85 million users and potentially reaching several
hundred million, it is set to be the most significant presence in the
ActivityPub space. This substantial user base will undoubtedly bring about
changes in the ecosystem, including new needs and requirements,
optimizations, scalability challenges, bug fixes, and spec alterations for

IMHO it seems likely that a new charter for the social web will be needed
and likely to spur the creation of a new working group. Tantek discussed
the potential for a new SWWG charter in our recent call. Given that
charters can take a substantial time to complete (we spent several years
doing a landscape analysis before the previous charter [1]), it seems
prudent for those of us interested in the project to begin early. We would
need to establish, among other things, the inputs and deliverables.  I'd be
willing to help contribute to such an initiative.


> Bullying devs for not being designers IMO leads nowhere. How do you
> suggest to attract more UXies? And what yaks do you think of being shaved
> today?
> /Marcus

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