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Johannes Ernst <> wrote:

> > On Jul 8, 2023, at 15:32, Benjamin Goering <> wrote:
> > 8.2 Use-Case: Real-time Collaboration
> ...
> >> [1]
> Re-reading this report is fascinating because the vision what should be was so much broader than what was implement — and much broader than it appears to be today.
> Why is that? Don’t those use cases make sense? (I think they do) Have they been superseded? (I don’t think so). So …? Count me baffled …

seriously, you are surprised? If there are tight feedback loops available and features go through A/B tests, only the pofitable ones survive if that's your decision driver. Now look round. I am not surprised. Big solutions are appealing to and acceptable by many. Agreed on by many. What but mediocre could they be. But a plethora of small approaches and solutions can show excellence.


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