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Welcome from me, too!

It’s great to see participation from Meta here, because bona fide participation in the relevant standards community can help alleviate many potential concerns that the community has about Meta’s role in the Fediverse, as I’m sure you are very aware. So this is good. To echo your comment, I’m looking forward to working together as well.

> út 11. 7. 2023 v 4:53 odesílatel Ben Savage < <>> napsal:
>> I'm a newb to the ActivityPub standard, but I'm excited to start attending the group's meetings, learning more, and hopefully contributing back to the community.
>> I'm really excited that Meta plans to implement the ActivityPub standard, and federate with other instances. I'm really interested to see how this interoperable future plays out!

I think one of the things we are all very interested in learning is just what exact stack of protocols Meta is implementing, and then the higher-level policies not prescribed in the standard. As we all know, merely implementing ActivityPub in itself is not sufficient to produce interoperable software nor make what’s happening comprehensible to users.

For example …
* Identifier format? probably? Will there also be HTTP aliases?
* Webfinger? Probably?
* HTTP Signatures with … what signature types?
* Which of the activity types?
* Rich text or not? Hyperlinks? HTML markup?
… and so on.

And of course if the people writing the code at Meta think that they need to deviate from the standard, or augment it, to meet some kind of requirement that you are encountering, we’d love to hear that at the earliest opportunity so we can keep network talk the same, standardized protocol.

Again welcome, and cheers,


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