Re: Issue triage moved to Friday

So, for issue triage today, I only got to one!

#302 Client Create: Order of copying recipients ambiguity

The resolution was to document that even though multiple `object` values are allowed, they aren’t widely implemented, so publishers should be careful using this syntax and avoid it if they can. Consumers should try to handle it, but if they don’t understand it, they should definitely discard the activity.

For the specific issue of copying addresses where there may be ambiguity, the guidance was added for servers to use the technique that limits the potential leak of private data, and for clients to include the addresses they actually mean to use rather than depending on server copying:

Thanks to everyone for support today! I’ll be back at the regular time next week.


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> Just a quick note: I've got a schedule conflict for today, so I'll be doing issue triage at the same time, 11:30am-12:30pm on Friday July 28.
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