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Am 11.07.23 um 22:41 schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
> út 11. 7. 2023 v 19:36 odesílatel Erwin Ernst Steinhammer 
> <> napsal:
>     Hi, comments inside
>     út 11. 7. 2023 v 4:53 odesílatel Ben Savage <>
>     napsal:
>>     What can Meta do to support the fediverse? How can we ensure our
>>     entry to this ecosystem is a positive thing that helps grow the
>>     community? How can we support this standard? These are the
>>     questions in my mind, and I'm really keen to start discussing
>>     this with all of you.
>     I believe the biggest questions aren't about the protocol itself
>     (while there are things here too, like groups rights management or
>     a standardized way of moving accounts), the biggest questions are
>     about administration and moderation. How will you handle
>     defederations? When will you defederate another instance? How much
>     will you invest in moderation? Atm one of the big advantages of
>     the federated structure ist that Moderaters are part of the
>     community they are moderating hence are aware of context and local
>     social norms, as well as that there is accourding to accademic
>     estimates about 1 moderators per  500 users. Will Meta structure
>     there service in the same way and has enought humanpower to get to
>     a similar moderation ratio? And then there is also the question
>     about how you moderate your instance, there where some concerns
>     that you already encouraged some hate groups
>     (
>     which would probablby lead to great defederation afforts against
>     you, which would lead to the question, why do you wanna implement
>     activitypub when it's possible that almost all instances will
>     defederate you?
>     Here an other Talk from the ActivityPub Conference 2020 with a
>     talk from Derek about how moderation in federated services works:
> I think this could be
>     instructive for Meta to decide how to implement moderation tools
>     in a federated universe. Because you do not only have to moderate
>     your own instance but also moderate wherever you want to mute or
>     defederate other instances and how you react to defederations
>     towards your own instance.
> While I understand the concept of defederation, it can inadvertently 
> penalize the innocent. For instance, let's say I use Mastodon and my 
> sister uses Facebook. If a disagreement arises between someone from my 
> instance and another instance, it leads to my connection with my 
> sister being severed, even though we aren't at fault. Wouldn't it be 
> more equitable in an open social web to empower individual users to 
> make their own decisions regarding such conflicts?  Maybe something 
> that could be standardized?

For me it's one of the reasons why I use federated services instead of 
fully decentralized services. I don't have the time nor the emotional 
energy to deal with every harmful user, spambot or unwanted contend. For 
me a federated system wouldn't have any advantages over a fully 
decentralized network without community based moderation

best regards
Erwin Ernst Steinhammer

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