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Another approach to containers

Editor's draft updated to reflect all pending resolutions

How to find the members of an LDPC?

Keeping the simple case simple (was Re: optimizing container pages serialization to enable streaming)

LDP agenda for 11 November

LDP Agenda for 15 November

LDP Agenda for 18 November

LDP agenda for 4 November

LDP Minutes for 11 November

LDP Minutes for 18 November

LDP Minutes for 25 November

LDP minutes for 4 November

LDP UC&R Second Draft

ldp-ISSUE-84 (ldp:member): ldp:member [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-85 (causation): membershipXXX rules [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-86 (membershipTriples): "membership triples" misnamed [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-87 (Membership triples modification): What happens when the membership triples are modified? [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-88 (Lost link): Lost link to the resource created via POST [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-89 (ldp:xyz): Tie the interaction model with the LDP data model through the notion of Managed Resources [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-90 (Named Graph): An LDPC/LDPR is a Named Graph [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-91 (rel='type' Link-based interaction): The LDP (REST) interactions must be driven by the rel='type' Link header [Linked Data Platform Spec]

Next Face to Face

optimizing container pages serialization to enable streaming

paging in editor's draft

Question regarding Action 111

regrets for next mtg(s)

volunteering for the army

We need to step up to database functionality

What does "being a member" mean?

Which mailing list to use for UC&R comments?

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