Re: Keeping the simple case simple (was Re: optimizing container pages serialization to enable streaming)

Why don't you wait till Monday.  I hope we will get some clarity on the call.
All the best, Ashok
On 11/15/2013 3:59 PM, John Arwe wrote:
> I see evidence in the threads this week of some basic differences in understanding.  If you like: I don't think we all have the same understanding of many key words being (re-/ab)used.  On top of that, several are similar enough that it's pretty easy to mis-read them, especially given the volume of emails which encourages skimming.  The added precision of the wiki pages is helping draw that out at least for me.  I was hoping folks would start at a higher level place as I suggested at the end of Monday's call, but I guess I'll have to flog that.
> I can try to bridge the gaps, but I'm not sure how much I can do by Monday.  While I'm normally a touch-typist, at the moment I have a small club of bandage on one of my two home fingers so my error rate is astronomical compared to normal.
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