Re: How to find the members of an LDPC?

On 2013-11-06, 12:20 , "Eric Prud'hommeaux" <> wrote:
>>> One would assume that the POST would return a 201-Created status
>>>message and Location header of the URL for the new resource created.
>>>The server may produce another triple to link the created resource
>>>(LDPR), not sure what it might be:
>> >     <> ex:describes <#>.
>> yes, the post returns a Location header. But that only allows the
>>client that POSTed the
>> resource to know the address of the LDPR created. It would be useful if
>>other clients could
>> also find that resource by asking the LDPC.
>If an LDP client POSTs an appropriate RDF message to an LDP server, the
>server creates a new resource and tells that client what the resource is.
>What other clients would want to know about the newly created resource?
>How would they even know it exists?

- by clients sharing URIs (bookmarks) of resources through whatever means?

- by clients listing collection contents and expecting a new resource
being made availabel to them through a navigable link?



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