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> Here is the agenda for Monday's call. We have a lot to talk about so rest well this weekend. :-) 
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Hi, I'd like a quick initial discussion of ldp:member ISSUE-87, just
so that at least the group is clear about what the intended meaning of this is
so that the arguments in the following pages don't get wasted on misunderstandings.

> Proposal regarding ISSUE-88: Lost link
> 	 Proposed: Close ISSUE-88 by making ldp:created mandatory when ldp:insertedContentRelation is different from ldp:MemberSubject
> 	 Section 5.4.14
> 	 Related discussion:
> 	 ISSUE-88: Lost link
> [edit]Proposal regarding ISSUE-87: Membership triples modification

There is another potential solution to the problem that was mentioned.
I have written up the two solutions on a wiki dedicated to this issue:

> 	 Proposed: Close ISSUE-87 by agreeing to do nothing: if the server allows the modification, it is up to the server to decide whether any other changes should be made.

I wrote up the details of the causes of why this issue arises on the wiki page

> 	 ISSUE-87: Membership triples modification
> [edit]Discuss Henry's issues
> 	 ISSUE-84 ldp:member
> 	 ISSUE-85 membershipXXX rules
> 	 ISSUE-86 "membership triples" misnamed

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