Re: paging in editor's draft

> thing that matters is the model represented in RDF. so what you're 
> is that even though pages clearly do follow some order, entries on a 
> are randomly ordered? that's a bit inconsistent and, in many scenarios

That is the behavior from common serializers like those in Jena, yes.  If 
you process triples as RDF, vs as raw JSON/whatever, the triples are an 
unordered set.
One is always free to write their own serializer, and add some extension 
information to the message so that extension-aware clients can know that 
the server already ordered members in the message.  The client would need 
some way to take advantage of that, of course.  Ways might exist today, I 
have not thought about it much beyond this point since the goal for "my" 
clients is to communicate what they'll get from any pseudo-random LDP 
server and distinguish that from extensions.

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