Re: optimizing container pages serialization to enable streaming

* Wilde, Erik <> [2013-11-11 13:51-0500]
> hello all.
> On 2013-11-11, 10:44 , "Alexandre Bertails" <> wrote:
> >On 11/11/2013 01:35 PM, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> >>In the end, I think there's nothing better
> >> than hinting that folks who care about performance write some tweaks
> >> into their serializers.
> >As long as everybody here is aware and ok with the fact we are
> >breaking existing tools...
> pointing out the obvious: i am sure that in the LDP group, participants
> have no problem with tweaking their serializers, because they're all
> experts and in full control of their prototype implementation stacks. out
> in the wild, this picture changes dramatically. it's like somebody telling
> you "you sure have to problem to tweak bit 42 in some TCP packets, do
> you?", when trying to convince you to use some "improved" HTTP that's
> violating layering.
> this is a rather important decisions to make and should not be taken
> lightly. out in the wild, people don't tweak lower layers, they use them.
> and if they cannot use them because they are required to tweak them, they
> just lost their ability to use your spec in an interoperable way.

This isn't breaking layers between HTTP and payload. Browsers set the
title of an HTTP frame before parsing it because the head precedes the
body. Most XML protocols impose some ordering. For a quick survey, see

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