Re: What does "being a member" mean?

* Arnaud Le Hors <> [2013-11-21 11:21-0800]
> Hi all,
> In an effort to clarify what we currently have in the spec I put a page 
> together on our wiki that I invite you all to read:

Executive summary:
  example data for all patterns of membership triples.
  SPARQL queries which reach all members regardless of pattern.
  comparison with ldp:manages proposal.

> I'm hoping this will help the discussion moving forward as it is relevant 
> to all the issues that we have on our agenda for Monday:
>     ISSUE-84 ldp:member
>     ISSUE-85 membershipXXX rules
>     ISSUE-86 "membership triples" misnamed
>     ISSUE-89 Managed resources 
> Regards.
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