Re: paging in editor's draft

hello john.

On 2013-11-11, 5:12 , "John Arwe" <> wrote:
>> thing that matters is the model represented in RDF. so what you're
>> is that even though pages clearly do follow some order, entries on a
>> are randomly ordered? that's a bit inconsistent and, in many scenarios
>That is the behavior from common serializers like those in Jena, yes.  If
>you process triples as RDF, vs as raw JSON/whatever, the triples are an
>unordered set.

sure they are, and that's fine because that's how RDF works. but what i am
asking about is *resource order*, not *triple order*. if i get resources
a, b, and c on a page, and based on the server-side ordering, these should
be ordered (a, b, c), so that i can reasonably display them in an ordered
UI (such as rows in a table), is that order of the resources represented,
or not?

of course the triples making up a, b, and c themselves are not ordered,
and that's perfectly fine because that doesn't matter in RDF; but in REST,
link semantics matter, and i would expect clients to be able to
distinguish between the links for the first, second, and third resource.



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