Re: ldp-ISSUE-90 (Named Graph): An LDPC/LDPR is a Named Graph [Linked Data Platform Spec]

On 11/24/13 6:12 AM, Henry Story wrote:
> On 23 Nov 2013, at 23:59, Ashok Malhotra<>  wrote:
>> >If we are brainstorming, then why not consider a URI scheme
>> >where  LDPC-URI#n retrieves the nth member of the container?
> That cannot be implemented in HTTP. A #n URI cannot be passed over HTTP.
> Requests in HTTP MUST remove the fragment identifier, before making a request.
> Henry

The following [1][2][3] hopefully illustrate Henry's point above re., 
HTTP URI based denotation (naming).

[1] -- name resolution protocols and their effect 
on the notion of data source names (dsns)
[2] -- Linked Data in a single slide
[3] -- HTTP URI duality, implicit indirection, and 



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