What does "being a member" mean?


I think we have a problem with semantics :-)

Can somebody tell me what "being a member" means?

I thought that "being an LDPR" meant "being a member of an LDPC".

How is that different from "being managed by an LDPC"? And from

Are the LDP interactions driven by "being a member" or by "being an

Is the notion of membership achieved through membershipXXX? If not,
what's the name for the feature captured by the membershipXXX

If a POST succeed, does it mean that the new resource is created, or
managed, or a member of the LDPC? What about a binary resource then,
as it's currently not considered as an LDPC?

Sorry if those are obvious questions, but when I hear the
conversations we have in the meetings, it looks pretty confused :-/


Received on Monday, 11 November 2013 16:48:53 UTC