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2002-02-25#19, Fragment identifiers, words for the primer

[URI vs. URIViews] draft-frags-borden-00.txt

A comment on rdfs-interpretation

A good tool


Annotated example of Proposed OWL Knowledge Base Language

Challenge for RDF Gurus :)

Comments on datatypes and query

comments on the RDF primer

Comments on WD-rdf-primer-20020319

Contexts at last :)

DAML Queries

dataTypes and classification schemes

datatyping and query in RDF

dizzying datatypes discussions [was: Occam-slashed datatypes]

english grammar

Error in the RDF/XML Syntax Specification


forged mail headers & virus

initial RDF Primer Working Draft

Jena and DAML question

Just say not

Modelling HTTP GET with RDF was Re: [URI vs. URIViews] draft-frags-borden-00.txt

name that URI #2

name that URI was: Re: RDFCore WG: Datatyping documents

NTriples proposed changes summary

p3p rdf schema

Patent threat over RDF?

possible way out of maze? [was: Re: xml:lang [was Re: Outstanding Issues ]]

Proposed NTriples changes for literal notation

QName URI mapping

RDF DT depends on resolution of #rdf-qname-uri-mapping

RDF Issue

RDF Issue #rdfms-qname-uri-mapping

RDF Issue #rdfms-reification-required

RDF Issue rdf-formal-semantics

RDF Issue rdf-terminologicus

RDF Issue rdfms-boolean-valued-properties

RDF Issue rdfms-fragments

RDF Issue rdfms-graph

RDF Issue rdfms-identity-of-statements

RDF Issue rdfms-literal-is-xml-structure

RDF Issue rdfms-literalsubjects

RDF Issue rdfms-not-id-and-resource-attr

RDF Issue rdfms-propElt-id-with-dr

RDF Issue rdfms-rdf-names-use

RDF Issue rdfms-replace-value

RDF Issue rdfms-uri-substructure

RDF Issue rdfms-xml-base

RDF Issue rdfms-xml-literal-namespaces

RDF Issue rdfms-xmllang

RDF MT: Default values for rdfs:domain and rdfs:range?

RDF MT: RDFS entailment issues

RDF Syntax - simplified Non XML RELAXNG

rdf-schema encoding

RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised) 2002-03-25

rdf:RDF and nested contexts

rdf:type and rdfs:Class

RDFCore WG: Datatyping documents

rdfms-nested-bagIDs was (Re: RDF Issue)

RDFS and schema revision

Release of FLORA and XSB

revised RDF syntax

semantics of domain and range (again) [was Re: p3p rdf schema]

Serializing arbitrary RDF

Skipping the Sax-model transformation step in the new RDF/XML syntax spec


Using rdf reification to nest statements in N3 like contexts

Virus Warning: was [Re: A good tool

Why distinguish entity vs. resource was: Re: [URI vs. URIViews] draft-frags-borden-00.txt

XML Schema formal mapping of QNames to URIs

YA rdf-ns-prefix-confusion question [Was: Re: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.]





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