name that URI was: Re: RDFCore WG: Datatyping documents

Patrick Sticker wrote:

> However, one final comment, I think that it is possible to work
> with XML Schema datatype URIs with the present RDF/XML serialization
> without recourse to qnames. We do, however, tend to use qnames
> in examples for discussion as a convenience, but could also use
> only URIs.

perhaps an example makes my point: let's start with the following XML Schema
which has the

<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd=
    <xsd:complexType name="bongo" id="foo">

now the question:
what is the URI of the complex type identified by the QName "ns:bongo" ?

Hint: according to it is NOT

> The only question remaining, then, is what are the official URIs
> for pre-defined XML Schema simple datatypes?



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