A comment on rdfs-interpretation

As to the definition of rdfs-interpretation in RDF Model Theory, 
The conditions on IEXT(I(rdfs:domain)) and IEXT(I(rdfs:range)) should be adjusted as follows:

1. Besides <I(rdfs:domain), I(rdf:Property)>, <I(rdfs:range), I(rdf:Property)> and  <I(rdf:type), I(rdfs:Resource)>, IEXT(I(rdfs:domain)) should contains
<I(rdfs:subClassOf), I(rdfs:Class)>, <I(rdfs:subPropertyOf), I(rdf:Property)> 

2. Besides <I(rdfs:domain), I(rdfs:Class)>, <I(rdfs:range), I(rdfs:Class)> and  <I(rdf:type), I(rdfs:Class)>, IEXT(I(rdfs:range)) should contains <I(rdfs:subClassOf), I(rdfs:Class)>, <I(rdfs:subPropertyOf), I(rdf:Property)>.

These missing pairs correspond to the triples in the rdfs-closure. 

rdfs:subClassOf rdfs:domain rdfs:Class
rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:domain rdf:Property

rdfs:subClassOf rdfs:range rdfs:Class
rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:range rdf:Property

Thanks for your concern!

Michael (Yu-Zhong) Qu 

Received on Wednesday, 6 March 2002 07:34:05 UTC