Re: RDF Issue #rdfms-qname-uri-mapping

Hi Jonathan,

At 16:51 21/01/2002 -0500, Jonathan Borden wrote:

>Since my proposed solution, Henry Thompson has explained to me how the
>issues with QNames and URIs are even deeper than I first assumed, namely
>that one cannot generally derive a proper URI which corresponds to the QName
>that XML Schema uses to identify a particular type. It seems to me that the
>RDFCore and XMLSchema WGs (at the very least) ought to develop a common,
>reasonably acceptable convention as to the mapping between QNames and URIs.
>Perhaps this is an issue that the TAG ought to consider (because it is a
>really basic architectural issue). I have cc:'d both Henry Thompson and Tim
>Bray. If either of these individuals agree that this issue ought to be
>closed, then I will find that acceptable and will withdraw my current

You may be interested in this

which also suggests that refining the definitions of and relationships 
between resources, URI's, URI refs and namespaces is a task for the TAG.


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