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The algorithm for mapping a QName in the RDF XML syntax to a URI is to 
concatenate the URI of the namespace with the localname part of the QName. 
In the case of namespaces, such as the XML Schema datatypes namespace, 
which do not end in a "#" character, then the URI reference generated by 
this algorithm is not the same as the conventional URI for the concept.

As recorded in


the RDFCore WG resolved to not change the algorithm for mapping qnames to 
uris and close this issue on the grounds:

     1. Such a change would be a major change to the
        mapping of  RDF/XML syntax to the model and
        would be beyond our charter.

     2. It would cause the same RDF/XML to generate a
        different  graph from existing versus revised

     3. Existing code may generate wrong (illegal)
        graphs for some RDF/XML.

Please could you respond to this message, copying www-rdf-comments@w3.org 
indicating whether this is an acceptable resolution of this issue.

Brian McBride
RDFCore co-chair

Received on Monday, 14 January 2002 09:28:15 UTC