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Janathan, Uche, DanC,

thank you for identifying the problem (I do remember DanC's posting
related to grazing on someone else's grass ;)

I'm going to replace xsd: by rdfdt: in the next revision of the


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Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> >
> > > typing.htm
> >
> > I am concerned that this document  element names into the XML Schema
> > namespace. It seems to me that concepts that RDFCore introduces should be
> > labelled by an RDF namespace. It seems to me that the XML Schema namespace
> > should be reserved for XML elements and URIs introduced by this WG.
> I agree with this, but I'd go farther.  I think that even though RDFCore is
> not chartered to come up with a new data typing scheme, that they should
> consider defining XSD data types using URIs under the control of RDFCore, and
> providing a simple and normartive mapping between these and the XSD data types.
> I think that given the current chaos of namespaces and architectures in the
> W3C, that this is the only safe approach for consistency *within* the RDF
> space.
> > On the other hand this draft seems to do a much better job of defining
> > datatypes in an independent fashion to XML Schema, yet using the same
> > concepts, so I suspect that simply changing how the concepts are named will
> > be an effective solution. Whether this can still be called "XML Schema
> > datatypes" will remain to be seen, but nonetheless, the solution will be
> > compatible with XML Schema datatypes:
> >
> > i..e. just don't call it "xsd:integer" rather "rdfdt:integer"
> I think this is similar to what I'm trying to say above.
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