Re: dataTypes and classification schemes

>>>Roland Schwaenzl said:
> Dave Beckett wrote:
> > However, the interpretation of the syntax may change - especially
> > for rdf:value, since that was rather vaguely defined (by example only) in
> > the RDF Model & Syntax document.
> rdf:value is typed as a property and given meaning in
> Do you indicate it will be given substantially different semantics? 

No, I'm saying that the RDF M&S document gives it no explicit meaning.

I expect that some RDF Core WG documents will fix this.

The words in the comment in the RDF schema at the above URI are not
the same thing.  I expect any revised RDF schema for the above
namespace URI would be substantially the same (only typographic,
documentation or syntax tweaks).


Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2002 05:59:25 UTC