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YA rdf-ns-prefix-confusion question [Was: Re: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.]

From: <Art.Barstow@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:22:36 -0500
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To: <Jeroen.Bekaert@rug.ac.be>
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www-comments - this is just an FYI for YA occurence of the 
rdf-ns-prefix-confusion issue that was reported on the RDF validator list:


Jeroen -

> From: "Jeroen Bekaert" <Jeroen.Bekaert@rug.ac.be>
> this code shoud be correct; still I receive the following warning messages :
> Warning: {W101} Unqualified use of rdf:ID has been deprecated.[Line = 3, Column = 25]
> Warning: {W101} Unqualified use of rdf:ID has been deprecated.[Line = 6, Column = 25]
> Warning: {W101} Unqualified use of rdf:about has been deprecated.[Line = 20, Column = 42]


> 3: 	<rdf:Bag ID="Keywords">
> 6: 		<rdf:Bag ID="Country">
> 20: 				<rdf:Description about="#Keywords"/>

The above warnings are because the ID and about attributes do not have
a namespace prefix (e.g. rdf:ID and rdf:about). Although the M&S spec
does not mandate such a prefix, the RDF Core Working Group is chartered 
to clarify the M&S spec and they have addressed this issue and they
indend to change the syntax so that all attributes must have a namespace
prefix.  See the following for more information:



Art Barstow
Received on Wednesday, 30 January 2002 12:22:49 UTC

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